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New Installation:

Your home comfort system is most likely the single biggest use of energy in your home. In fact, over a third of the energy used in the United States is used to heat and cool buildings. Having a properly designed and installed heating and air conditioning system will have the biggest impact on your energy costs.

Choose Right Temp Air and Heat for your installation. We provide:

  • Free in-home consultation with one of our HVAC specialists.

  • Help selecting an energy-efficient heating and air conditioning system that meets your comfort preferences and lifestyle.

  • Proper sizing of the equipment to meet the unique needs of your home.

  • A convenient way to pay for your installation through our flexible financing options, subject to credit approval.

  • Full factory warranties on all equipment and labor


HVAC Installation

Being from the gulf coast area, our AC specialists understand how busy and distracting life can get. So we work within the confines of your busy schedule offering you the following air conditioning installation services features:

  • The best AC models in the industry today, including any of the latest upgrades you desire.

  • Professional advice on the best air-conditioning unit for your home or office setup.

  • Experienced AC professionals who have had years of experience installing air conditioning systems in the gulf coast area for residential and commercial spaces.

  • Confidence that your air conditioning system was installed safely and professionally, instead of worrying about any self-installment processes.

HVAC Installation

HVAC Replacement

Right Temp helps clients with all aspects of design, installation, sales, and service. This means Right Temp air conditioning services may be implemented in a variety of structures including summer homes, business, large facilities, and residential homes. Working hard to make advanced air conditioning installations and repairs as seamless and affordable as possible, Right Temp remains the number one choice for quality customer service.

Right Temp Air Conditioning Solutions

  • Split Systems

  • Mini Split Systems

  • Heat Pumps

  • Humidifers

  • Indoor Air Cleaners

  • Commercial Air Conditioning and Heating Units

HVAC Replacement

HVAC Repair

Our licensed AC technicians at Right Temp make sure to address all your air conditioning repair needs in your home. A properly-repaired, consistently-maintained AC system will not only make you and your family happier during the hot summer, but you’ll save money in the long run with a more energy-efficient unit. We offer emergency and professional air conditioning repair services so we can gain your trust in being your go-to business when your AC unit decides to quit.

AC Repairs

Duct Replacement

Air ducts in your attic direct the flow of air throughout your home and help with energy efficiency. You probably have seen the ducts if you have ever been in your attic, giant, foil-covered tubes that run throughout the attic.

Air ducts are an essential part of keeping your HVAC running properly. Like any part of your house, air ducts will require cleaning from time to time and may also need to be replaced or repaired. Only professionals should service air ducts. The air ducts can be very complex and only a trained professional can truly know the best way to clean, repair and replace them.

Duct Replacement

Blow in Insulation

Right Temp Also offers blow-in fiberglass insulation and can achieve any R Value rating your home requires.  

Blown-in insulation can help:

  • Reduce your utility bills and maximize the energy efficiency of your home or building

  • Make your home or building more comfortable year round

  • Reduce noises from outside and also from inside your home or building between different rooms and levels

  • Improve the performance of your air conditioner and furnace

  • Protect against air and moisture infiltration (and help eliminate mold growth)

  • Contribute to a healthier environment

Blow in Insulation

Ventilation Fan Repair

  • Supply Fans

  • Exhaust Fans

  • Supply Fan Replacement

  • Vent Hood Installation

Ventilation Fan Repair


ALL WORK BACKED BY A FULL WARRANTY! Standing by all new construction projects with a complete, 1-year labor warranty, you’ll quickly learn why home builders choose our pros when working on a new construction project.

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